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Updated July 2017

Hertford exhibition   Hertford exhibition   Monograph cover

1 & 2. Visitors arriving at the private view of “Ralph Maynard Smith: A Centenary Retrospective Exhibition” at the Art & Design Gallery of the University of Hertfordshire, April-May 2005, which toured to six venues in the UK. Photos by David Satchell.


3. “Ralph Maynard Smith: A Haunted Man”.

Fifty-one years before, the core buildings of the University were completed to the designs of Sir Howard Robertson and Maynard Smith, the partners in charge from Easton & Roberstson, the London architects who later became known as Easton & Robertson, Cusdin, Preston and Smith.


240 page monograph on RMS’ life and work by Simon Smith.

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Exhibition History
‘Key’ Shows

British Museum  

Places of the Mind: British Watercolour Landscapes 1850 - 1950.
Exhibition which included a painting by Ralph Maynard Smith entitled
Better be yourself, better make your own music.
(23 February-27 August)
The British Museum

Romantic landscape in Wales  

The Romantic Landscape in Wales
Paintings, watercolours and prints by
John Piper (1903-1992) Graham Sutherland (1903-1980) & Ralph Maynard Smith (1904-1964)
(7 May-26 June)
Monnow Valley Arts Centre, Hereford

Romantic landscapes  

The Romantic Landscape
Etchings by Samuel Palmer (1805-1881)
Paintings, watercolours and prints by John Piper (1903-1992)
Paintings and watercolours by Ralph Maynard Smith (1904-1964)
(5 April-1 June)
Monnow Valley Arts Centre, Hereford


A collection of 35 Paintings, Watercolours & Drawings by Ralph Maynard Smith at
An English Vision
(14-19 June)
The Cinema Gallery Aldeburgh (co-inciding with the Aldeburgh Music Festival)
and then through June / July at
The Piers Feetham Gallery, 475, Fulham Road, London SW6.

Memories Fields  

Memories Fields : The Metaphysical Drawings
Introduction by Dr. Peter Tatham
38 Paintings and watercolours by Ralph Maynard Smith
(5 April-1 June)
Wolseley Fine Arts, Needham Road, Westbourne Grove, London W11

Centenary Retrospective  

Ralph Maynard Smith, Artist and Architect—A Centenary Retrospective Exhibition
Introduction by John Spurling
93 paintings, watercolours and drawings by Ralph Maynard Smith
plus architectural perspective drawings and photographs of buildings
The Alberto Vilar Gallery, London / Hull University Art Gallery / Eldon Gallery, Surrey University / Paisley Museum and Art Gallery / Art and Design Gallery Hertford University /
Durham Art Gallery.

Barrier Beyond  

The Barrier Beyond: Record of a Secret Artist
Introduction by Frances Carey
39 paintings, watercolours and drawings by Ralph Maynard Smith
(2 October- 2 November)
Wolseley Fine Arts, Needham Road, Westbourne Grove, London W11

Holmes Gallery Catalogue  

The Discovery of Ralph Maynard Smith: The Surreal Drawings
Introduction by David Holmes
51 Paintings, watercolours and drawings
(22 June - 31 July)
David Homes Gallery, Peterborough
(Catalogue out of print)

First Gallery catalogue  

Ralph Maynard Smith, Paintings & Drawings
Introduction by Hilda Margery Clarke
54 paintings, watercolours and drawings
(6 – 21 March)
The First Gallery, Southampton
(Catalogue out of print)


As well as at the one-man or special-focus exhibitions listed above, Maynard Smith’s work has been shown in successive years at such events as The European Art Fair at Maastricht, The International Art Fair, The London Art Fair, The Watercolour and Drawings Fair, as well as at several mixed exhibitions of European Drawings put on by Wolseley Fine Arts.

Forthcoming Exhibitions and Projects

The London Art Fair: 'Modern British and Contemporary Art'. Wolseley Fine Arts (stand 17).
16 - 20 January 2013 (Business Design Centre, Islington)

Exhibitions and Projects for 2013 - 14 in preparation

Museum Acquisitions

The following Collections have purchased paintings / drawings by RMS:

The British Museum, Department of Prints and Drawings (1) + “The Ravine” (two vols.) donation agreed
The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (1) + 3 donated
The National Galleries of Wales, Cardiff (2) + 3 drawings to be agreed
The National Library of Wales (1)
University of Hull Art Collection (1)
University of Surrey Art Collection (1)
University of Hertfordshire Art Collection (1)
The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford have requested some drawings / these are under discussion

Where a Museum has purchased a major work or works, the RMS Trust’s policy is generally to donate several drawings to support the artist’s presence in that collection. As an example of this policy — the Fitzwilliam Museum purchased ‘Circles and Moon’ and later chose three other works, illustrated below, to augment their representation of RMS: one from the 1920s Mull & Iona series, one 1950s example of RMS’s lyrical landscapes and a 1958 drawing as he explored “Memories Fields”.


Circles and Moon   Whirlpool   Boat Under Stars   Walls Meeting, linocut

4. ”Circles and Moon”. c.1950. Oil on ply panel. 12.75 x 17.25”. K.1178.00.


5. ‘Seeds Returning to their Source — Whirlpool’. 1958.  4.75 x 7.125”. K1561.00.


6. ‘Boat Under the Stars’. c. 1958 or earlier. Indian ink wash.  7 x 9“. K1526.00.


7. ”Meeting of Walls”. 1927. Linocut.  6 x 8”. K153.00

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Seeds returning to Source Boat under the Stars Meeting of Walls linocut